Interested in holding an event at Odonata? Contact us to chat about your ideas. 

We love this land. 10 acres of MadCo’s finest, surrounded by the best people & a mess of cows.

Exactly because we love it, we offer the farm only a few times a year for weddings, receptions and shindigs.

…And might we humbly suggest the fall? Golden light, good weather, gorgeous autumnal mountains, shew mercy, it’s a bit of heaven.

We hope you’ll return to walk the paths, take some anniversary photos & pick some ancient gnarled apples from the old grove below the pond.

Like minded? Holler.


Maggie & Zack Shackleford:

Rose Photo:

…And the last 5 are by our beloved friends aka fancy phones - not to be misconstrued as “fancy photography” :)