Oh Mon Dieu. That's franch for: oh my dear lord. This is harder than I thought. 

I'm trying to consolidate my websites into this one place here; to this more accurate picture of what I'm doing now and how we're doing it. What might that be you ask? Read our Rambling Vague Explanations page here.

I kept thinking, when I'm ready to let my big old mama jama 12 year old arcane-but-pretty-website with all it's forever blog posts that read more like live journals (what? I'm old), thousands of photos, the illusion that I'm still trying to run a women's apparel business, go, I will.

I thought: I'll put a smattering of a recollection (that's southern franch for: sentimental-ass-photos-of-stuffs-I-have-designed-and-sewed-up) to remember the road behind & share, and I'll move on. But it's hard. 

In the famous words of my songstress buddy Jane Kramer, "I'm built for many things, but a not a one of them is letting goooo-ooohhh-ooo-ohhhh, not a one of them is letting goooo. "

I aspire to minimalism and then sentimentalism takes over, ...so in ode to that. I'm sharing one of my favorite photos I ran across today whilst trying to pare down, and shore things up:

I didn't make any of that, my duds are underneath that cape & camel-hair coat. It was colder than a witches teet in a brass bra & MayAnne was about to go into hypothermic shock, but my Janna-Gal captured my friend, longing for home and it comes through. And it gets to me almost as much as this one:

We're all just longing to get back home aren't we? To the arms of our friends, and loved ones, and the sense of the belov-ed. I'm grateful for all you comrades and all the comeuppances that have met me on the road. For all the shelters in a storm, for all the ways I got it wrong, and was loved through it anyways. 

So back to it: I'll be slowly taking down the Unabashed Apparel website in the next few months in order to move forward to the road I'm already on. Thank you for every bit of love and support and belief and kinship. You can find some highlight photos being uploaded here slowly. It takes a nip of whiskey and a bit of time to walk down the road of remembrance. 

Love and a little mischief to you,


p.s. I'll never be sorry I bullied all you fine fillies into modeling, styling shoots, doing makeup, & taking photos. You're the best & purtiest of friends. Thank you for lending your time, your spirit and your literal selves to my endeavors.