Well hey there


You may be wondering what this is & where the old website went. For a more accurate explanation, keep reading all the latelys & our RVE, but for now:


For a while I made a damn fine collection of duds that were all a bit wabi sabi.

In taking down my shingle I keep thinking of these two quotes by these two people:

"Spey casting is a hard way to serve the Lord." -Teddar, in reference to brother's fly fishing.

"There's this thing about this pack of dream dust they don't tell you: it's a lot to haul up the mountain of your climb." -me, a mess of months ago.

I told my pal, Alli Marshall, years ago that for all my loud-mouth, love-a-good-soapbox type of personality, I really just wanted to make dresses & have birds and bugs fly them to their rightful owners - a stamped envelope for one of those artsy "pay what it feels worth" arrangements. It turns out that's what I've been up to these last few years. You can't make a living like that - but you can make a life like that. So that's what UA will be from now on. And it certainly will be. I'm embroidering a mess of beautiful bits for a fairy wedding gown right this moment. I'll add more to the recollection as the months turn - but for now, some past fall & winter collections are here.