Rambling Vague Explanations 


After my daddy had gone through a row or two in his life he hung a poster on the wall. It was a picture of a stubbled grizzled cowboy with these words underneath:

There was a helluva lot they didn't tell me when I signed on with this outfit.

Amen. Life. Amen. 

In the way of it, I started out wanting to change the world by making pretty dresses. I did that for over a decade, got through it, got fed up by the bust & bloom & heartbreak of it, and moved mostly on. Being a starving artist really isn't for the faint of heart. {Can I get a hallelujah artist friends?!} So now I fiddle around and work with good people on good things, get lost in the garden, dream, sometimes paint, sometimes sew special heirloom one-of-a-kinds for amazing women, and live my most happy delicious life with one of my all time Big Damn Heros. I come from a family of ministers, farmers, healers and angsty cowboys. Gracia hails from sturdy & sure Minnesotans -the best of folk. Together this means we always have enough fire wood, good tall tales, & fine whiskey. 

Sometimes you've got to flail and fight to get where you're going, and where my love & I were bound is here, Odonata Farm. Browner from the sun than I'd like us, earnest (Gracia) and incorrigible (me) to the very end, this patch of dirt is our paradise and we're willing to share as it really only is borrowed from the bank, the folks that came before, or the great cosmic comedian in the sky. 

On this digital journal of naval gazing you'll find my ode to my lapsed women's apparel line: Unabashed Apparel, every so often some heirloom sewing projects/oil paintings/ pottery, photos of our 1880s farmhouse, barn & gardens, and possibly invitations to things like: spring fairy gown sample sales, summer garden tours and berry picking,  fall bonfires, apple collecting, and pumpkin patches, or even winter cider/ mead tasting and wreath creating. There may be eggs. There may just be dead chickens. There's a vacation cabin in the works, an orchard being planted, an heirloom fleur you-pick-'em garden, and I'm pretty sure there's a hand whittled boat with blue heron mast being designed for my pond, no, I hear that's only in my head.... (for now). Stop by and say hi. Stop by and look around like a creepy ex-lover, well no, probly don't do that, the mutts bite. In short:  I'm consolidating all the whatnots and whathaves here. I foresee this site growing to become a sturdy linen parasol (read ancient-ass umbrella for to keep the sun off the skins) to house our growing endeavors, and to share a few items of interest and availability with you, dear reader. 

Till next time,

-Sb, G & some mutts, a cow that isn't ours, a cat that thinks we're hers, a mess of pigeons and more dragonflies & damselflies than you can shake a stick at, hence: Odonata.